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Genealogy At a Glance

34 Books

Deciding how and where to begin your research is something all genealogists struggle with, given the abundance of resources--and the wide array of topics--that you'll need to sift through in order to piece together your family history. The thirty-four At a Glance guides included in this collection are specially designed to help you begin and proceed successfully with your research. Each guide in this collection allows you to grasp the fundamentals of research in that particular subject or location--at a glance. Download them to your device and have them available at your fingertips. No genealogy research tools are as effortless and convenient to use.

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Getting Started with Genealogy

24 Books

Family history is a big subject. Don’t let it overwhelm you and take the fun out of it. You can get up to speed quickly with these twenty-four publications, which range from comprehensive genealogy guidebooks to tips for writing your family history, from an illuminating study of kinship to a primer on genetic genealogy basics, and from a manual on copyrights and contracts to a beginner's guide to using tax lists. This collection will give you the breadth of knowledge needed to do justice to your family tree. It will start you off on the right foot and allow you to pursue your family history research with confidence.

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The Irish and America

42 Books

From colonial times through the nineteenth century, Irish immigration has made its mark on America. Between 1820 and 1860 alone, almost 2 million immigrants from Ireland arrived in the United States. Today over 35 million Americans claim to have Irish immigrant ancestors in their family tree. But do you know where and how to look for them? This remarkable collection containing forty-two of our best titles on Irish genealogy--and capturing hard-to-find data on Irish immigration--will point you in the right direction.

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The Scots and America

57 Books

The influence of the Scots in America cannot be overstated. More than 5 million people in the U.S. claim Scottish ancestry and another 5 million have Scots-Irish roots. Our Scots in America collection contains fifty-seven of the most comprehensive guides to Scottish genealogy ever produced. Whether your ancestors immigrated to America in the sixteenth, seventeenth, or eighteenth centuries--from Scotland or the Ulster province of Ireland-- you'll find an abundance of material within this collection that will help you trace your ancestor's path to America.

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