BOOKS Weekend Savings on 14 Timely Tax Record Collections

Weekend Savings on 14 Timely Tax Record Collections

Sale Prices Expire July 16, 2018

Tax records are one of our most important substitutes for unavailable censuses. If the census record you want does not exist—because it was destroyed in a fire or flood, or was never administered for the year you need—tax records can fill the bill. Tax records can also embellish existing census records because oftentimes states and municipalities collected taxes for the years in between censuses.

For the next three days you can choose from fourteen terrific tax record collections or manuals at huge savings. Each title below—variously consisting of tax lists for Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, or Texas—will save you hours of research combing through ancient tax registers and save you $$$$. We’ve reduced the price on each of these publications by up to 25% below the retail price. Be sure to get in on this terrific sale before it expires—at 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, July 16, 2018.

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