BOOKS Weekend Sale on Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana (“Old Southwest”) Books

Weekend Sale on "Old Southwest” Books

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From 1783 to 1819, the future southern states east of the Mississippi made up a territory that was under either Spanish or Indian jurisdiction. Foreign rule (not to mention the intrigues of persons like Aaron Burr) and the transitory and migratory nature of life in the Southeastern territory combined to leave a paucity of source records pertaining to Mississippi Valley ancestors for these nearly 40 years. Fortunately, there are a few excellent titles that can help with this difficult search, books like Earliest Tennessee Land Records, by Irene Griffey. To get you started, we have the research aid, Genealogy at a Glance: Old Southwest Genealogy Research, by the highly regarded genealogist, Dorothy Potter. Why not scroll down and see what we’re talking about; each title below is on sale through 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 16, 2018.

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