The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1661-1699

Peter Wilson Coldham

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Pub Date: 1990
Reprint: 2002
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From every available source in the public archives of England, the late Peter Wilson Coldham, who was the foremost authority on English emigration records, put together a comprehensive list of emigrants who sailed to America between the years 1661 and 1699, thus extending by forty years the period of coverage begun in The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660 and bringing to a conclusion his efforts to document emigration from England to America during the whole of the seventeenth century.

Arranged by year, and thereunder by date of record, the entries give, usually, name, age, occupation, residence, ship, and destination, and for each there is a precise source citation. In total some 30,000 emigrants of the period 1661-1699 are identified, bringing the total named in the two volumes to well over 50,000. As with the first volume, two superb indexes to persons and ships reduce the chore of searching the records to seconds.


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