Burke's American Families with British Ancestry

Sir Bernard Burke

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ISBN: 9780806362380
Pub Date: 1939
Reprint: 1996
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In 1939, in the 16th edition of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain, Burke's undertook to treat distinguished American families in the manner of the Peerage and the Landed Gentry, systematically establishing direct-line pedigrees by documenting marriages, births, and deaths in successive generations. This present work is an off-print of pages 2529-3022 of the 16th edition of Burke's Landed Gentry, constituting, in entirety, the innovative American section.

This work ranks as the most authoritative ever published on the subject of patrician, blooded, or distinguished American families. Besides the genealogies contained herein, each article carries a brief biographical sketch of its principal subject. All articles have been drawn up along the same lines as those which for a century and a quarter distinguished all other Burke formulations, the only important modifications being that the descendants in the female line have not been excluded from the pedigrees.