Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853

Terrence M. Punch

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Edition: Volume II
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ISBN: 9780806364285
Pub Date: 2009
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Volume II of Erin's Sons covers the same time period as its predecessor and the same geographic area--the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia--and it lists an additional 7,000 Irish arrivals in Atlantic Canada before 1853.

What is remarkable about this second volume is the rich variety of information derived from hard-to-find sources such as church records of marriages and burials, cemetery records, headstone inscriptions, military description books, newspapers, poor house records, and passenger lists. The resulting body of documents is replete with human drama: shipwrecked immigrants, families in search of members, people taken ill while en route to a distant location, old soldiers fallen on hard times, tenants uprooted from their farms and shipped to Canada, and so on.

There are also lists of runaways and deserters, transported convicts, and indentured servants, which offer a vivid if sometimes bleak picture of Irish immigration to Canada.

Also included in the book are maps showing Irish ports of embarkation, an index of surnames, and an index of ships.


Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada

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