Tracing Ancestors in Barbados: A Practical Guide

Geraldine Lane

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ISBN: 9780806361369
Pub Date: 2006
Reprint: 2007
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Geraldine Lane has drawn on her experience as a family history researcher in Barbados to compile this unique, comprehensive guide to Barbados genealogy. Family records held in Barbados (a British colony from 1637 to 1966) are excellent but are not always easy to locate or understand. But no matter the level of difficulty, Tracing Ancestors in Barbados will guide both novice and experienced researchers through the many types of records and published sources that document the lives of the people of Barbados.

The book covers all sections of Barbadian society, from English planterfamilies to indentured servants and the tens of thousands of Africans brought in as slaves. Many of these people subsequently moved on to the United States and other destinations to seek their fortune beyond Barbados.

Records of baptism, marriage, and burial for Anglican and other denominations-as well as those of birth and death-are described here in detail. Other subjects covered include wills, deeds, censuses, military records, immigration and emigration, cemetery records, and records of slaves and plantation ownership. Developments in DNA testing are also examined as well as Internet sources and numerous published sources.

For researchers based on or off this Caribbean island, Tracing Ancestors in Barbados is an essential guide.