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History of New Paltz, New York, and Its Old Families

(from 1678 to 1820).

Ralph LeFevre

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Format: paper
Edition: Second Edition
Imprint: CFC
ISBN: 9780806305516
Pub Date: 1909
Reprint: 2005
Print Pages: 607 pp.
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This is the definitive history of New Paltz, one of the oldest Huguenot settlements in America and the cradle of surrounding settlements in Ulster and Orange Counties, New York. Part I introduces the reader to the chief genealogical records of New Paltz, with attention directed to church records, property holders, tax payers, land bounty rights, colonial regiments, county records at Kingston, musters of Ulster County regiments in the Revolution, and coats of arms of Huguenot families. Part II contains the histories of prominent New Paltz families, both Huguenot and Dutch. This second edition also carries an extensive 208-page Appendix.