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History of Scott County, Virginia

Robert M. Addington

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ISBN: 9780806307718
Pub Date: 1932
Reprint: 1994
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Addington's work on Scott County offers a survey of the early history and pioneer settlements, providing insights into churches, courts, schools, newspapers, railways, and industry, with a glance at Scott County's contribution in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The work provides the reader with biographical and genealogical sketches of some distinguished Scott County residents, among whom may be mentioned the following: Charles Cromwell Addington; John Anderson; Rufus Adolphus Ayers; Thomas, Joseph, and Norris Carter; David Cox; Rev. James B. Craft; James P. Curtis; L.R. Dingus; Patrick Hagan; Dr. Bayard T. Horton; Rev. Frank Y. Jackson; David Jessee; Rev. Robert Kilgore; Emmett, George, John, Riley, and Sylvester McConnell; John McKinney; Fayette McMullen; H.S.K. Morrison; A.L. Pridemore; J.B. Richmond; James L. Shoemaker; W.D. Smith; George Talmage Starnes; Rev. Reubin Steele; Dr. J.B. Wolfe; and Henry, Jonathan, and Martin Wood.