German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1863-1867, With Places of Origin

Gary J. Zimmerman and Marion Wolfert

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Format: paper
Imprint: CFC
ISBN: 9780806312255
Pub Date: 1988
Print Pages: 221 pp.
Item: 6582

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This is the third volume of the German Immigrants series, this one listing passengers from Bremen to New York between 1863 and September 1867. In effect, it is a partial reconstruction of the Bremen records, based on official passenger lists and manifests in the custody of the National Archives.

Not all of the Bremen passengers of the 1863-1867 period are included in this work--only those for whom a specific place of origin is noted in the manifests. Similar in arrangement to numbers 6580 and 6581 above, this volume provides place of origin information on about 35,000 immigrants.