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Early Ontario Settlers

A Source Book

Norman K. Crowder

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ISBN: 9780806313757
Pub Date: 1993
Reprint: 2006
Print Pages: 259 pp.
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Covering the years 1783 to 1789, this source book contains official records of the early settlers of Upper Canada, or Ontario--chiefly population returns, provisioning lists, settlers' location lists, and lists of immigrant arrivals. The core of the work consists of two provisioning, or ration, lists for 1784 and 1786, which provide the name of the head of household, place of settlement, and statistical details of the family. Most of the settlers named in the records were from the American colonies, and a very substantial proportion were from New York, especially from the Albany area and the Mohawk Valley. Includes maps, detailed notes on sources, and an every name index of 6,000 entries.