Emigrants from Ireland, 1847-1852

State-Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates in Ireland

Eilish Ellis

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Between 1847 and 1852, a number of Irish small-holders, assisted by the government, emigrated from the Crown estates of Ballykileline in Co. Roscommon; Irvilloughter and Boughill in Co. Galway; Kilconcouse, Offaly; Kingwilliamstown in Cork; and Castlemaine in Co. Kerry. This present work contains a history of the emigration scheme and a list of the emigrants from each estate with the following details: name, age, occupation, family relationships, date and place of departure, date and place of arrival in the U.S., and name of ship. Most of the emigrants arrived at the port of New York, while a handful disembarked in Quebec.