German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1868-1871, With Places of Origin

Marion Wolfert

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Format: paper
Imprint: CFC
ISBN: 9780806313689
Pub Date: 1993
Print Pages: 218 pp.
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Following the death of her collaborator Gary Zimmerman, Marion Wolfert has carried on with the German Immigrants series, providing us with the long awaited fourth volume. Similar in all other respects to the previous volumes in the series, this new volume spans the period 1868-1871 and identifies 32,000 German passengers bound from Bremen to New York about whom a specific place of origin is noted in the manifests. For convenience, immigrants' names are arranged in alphabetical order, and family members are grouped together, usually under head of household. In addition, details concerning age, place of origin, date of arrival, and name of ship are provided, as are specific citations to the original source material.