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Tennessee Records: Bible Records and Marriage Bonds

Jeannette Tillotson Acklen

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Format: paper
Imprint: CFC
ISBN: 9780806300009
Pub Date: 1933
Reprint: 2004
Print Pages: 521 pp.
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An encyclopedia of Tennessee genealogy, Acklen's Bible Records and Marriage Bonds is one of the foremost Tennessee source books in print. It consists almost entirely of records of births, marriages, and deaths, plus marriage licenses of Dickson, Knox, Lebanon, and Wilson counties. Sections devoted exclusively to marriages generally run chronologically, giving exact dates and full names of brides and grooms. The Bible records, however, offer the most substantial evidence of family connections and, in the manner of such records, are actually organic family records listing names and dates of birth, marriage, and death through several generations, depending, of course, on the extent to which a particular Bible was handed on in the family and kept up to date. The work is complemented by a surname index of nearly 15,000 entries.


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