The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records

Canton, 1806-1853; Chaplin, 1822-1851; Chatham, 1767-1854; Cheshire, 1780-1840; Chester, 1836-1852; Clinton, 1838-1854; Diary of Aaron G. Hurd, Clinton, 1809-1878

Lorraine Cook White

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Edition: Volume 6
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ISBN: 9780806315201
Pub Date: 1996
Reprint: 2005
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This volume is a transcription of the vital records of the towns noted in the subtitle, with dates of coverage as shown, and it contains the birth, marriage, and death records of approximately 32,000 individuals. Entries are listed in alphabetical order under each town and give name, date of event, names of parents, names of children, names of both spouses, and sometimes such items as age, occupation, and place of residence.