Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island

Comprising Three Generations of Settlers Who Came Before 1690. With Additions & Corrections by G. Andrews Moriarty, 1943-1963, and a new Foreword

John Osborne Austin

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Format: paper
Imprint: CFC
ISBN: 9780806300061
Pub Date: 1887
Reprint: 2008
Print Pages: 496 pp.
Item: 200

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This legendary work consists of alphabetically arranged genealogical tables of approximately 500 Rhode Island families, representing thousands of descendants of pre-1690 settlers, all carried to the third generation, and some--about 100 families-- carried to the fourth. The majority of the entries contain records of births and, in all but the last generation, marriages, deaths, and places of residence, with excerpts from wills and deeds and other court records.

Our reprint contains the following added material: (1) additions and corrections consisting of 104 pages by G. Andrews Moriarty; (2) manuscript notations and marginalia in various hands, including cross-references to material in The American Genealogist; and (3) a Foreword by Albert T. Klyberg, director of the Rhode Island Historical Society.