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The King's Mountain Men

The Story of the Battle, with Sketches of the American Soldiers Who Took Part

by Katherine Keogh White

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This is an important work on the men who participated in the battle of King's Mountain, drawn from contemporary records of Southwest Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, with letters, documents, and additional material taken from the Lyman Draper Collection. The first section of the book is a miscellany of court records of Watauga, Washington County, North Carolina (later Tennessee), 1778-1782, and contains, in addition, militia rosters for the years 1777 and 1779 and pension declarations filed by King's Mountain participants and their heirs. Section Two is composed of biographical sketches of the soldiers, numbering close to 1,000 and arranged in alphabetical order. An Appendix contains lists of Tennessee pensioners.

"An indispensable tool for Tennessee genealogists."-Tennessee Historical Quarterly, Summer 1967.

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