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The Association Oath Rolls of the British Plantations [New York, Virginia, Etc.] A.D. 1696

by Wallace Gandy

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In February 1696, following several unsuccessful plots to overthrow William III and reinstate the deposed Stuart monarch, Parliament enacted a statute requiring citizens to sign an Oath of Allegiance to King William. The work at hand is a transcription of the surviving Oath Rolls for the following Crown possessions or diplomatic outposts in 1696: Barbados, Virginia, New York, Bermuda, Antigua, Nevis, Montserratt, Antego, St. Christopher, Dort, Rotterdam, The Hague, Malaga, and Geneva. The great virtue of this work, of course, is that it establishes the existence of 1,200 colonists in a particular place before the turn of the 18th century. Each signer is easily found in the Index at the back of the volume.

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