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International Vital Records Handbook. Sixth Edition

by Thomas Jay Kemp

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At one time or another all of us need copies of birth, marriage, death, divorce, or pre-adoption certificates for driver’s licenses, passports, jobs, social security, family history research, or for simple proof of identity. But the fact is that the requirements and fees needed to obtain copies of vital records vary from state to state and from country to country, often requiring tedious research and wading through confusing websites of large agencies before the appropriate forms can be obtained and the correct procedures followed. The International Vital Records Handbook is designed to put an end to all that, as it offers complete, up-to-date information on where and how to request vital records. It also includes copies of the application forms, where available, thus simplifying and speeding up the process by which vital records are obtained.

This new 6th edition contains the latest forms and information for each of the fifty states and also furnishes details about records that were created prior to statewide vital records registration. In addition, it identifies vital records collections, online databases, and institutions of interest to genealogy researchers. Then, in alphabetical sequence, it covers the other countries of the world, giving, where available, the current application forms and instructions, as well as the key addresses of repositories or embassies that might help you obtain copies of vital records.

If you are doing genealogy research and are not eligible to access a restricted record, you may be able to obtain an "informational copy" of the record, which will contain all of the information found on the certified copy but will have a statement stamped on it saying that the document is for informational purposes only and cannot be used to establish identity. When a state does provide an informational copy for research, it is noted in this book. A number of searchable, free databases containing historical vital records are now available online, and many of these too have been noted in this book, as have specific repositories containing vital records collections that are accessible by genealogists.

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