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Records of the Regiments of the South Carolina Line in the Revolutionary War

by Alexander S. Salley, Jr.

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The records of the six regiments comprising the South Carolina Line are hopelessly scattered. Many are in the National Archives; others are in the hands of libraries and historical societies; others are in private hands, and still others have been irretrievably lost. Many of them, however, are in the possession of the South Carolina Historical Society, and these are published here in chronological order. The records-muster rolls, pay rolls, rosters, returns, and inventories-contain the names of approximately 1,200 officers and men, most of whom are identified by rank and company. Among those named are the officers in Francis Marion's famed 2nd Regiment. Also named are officers who were included in General Wilmot DeSaussure's list of "Officers Who Served in the South Carolina Regiments." With a new index.

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