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Queen Victoria's Descendants

by Marlene A. Eilers

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Through her marriage into the German royal house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and through the marriages of her nine children and her many grandchildren, Queen Victoria guided and manipulated the destiny of European royalty. Today the British Royal Family is connected by blood and marriage to the royal houses of Spain, Germany, Greece, Russia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Sweden, and Denmark.

This is the first book to treat the subject of Victoria and her descendants. The first section is the story of Victoria and her children, and it follows them and their children and grandchildren through the royal courts of Europe and brings their stories, as far as possible, up to the present time. The second part of the book--the genealogy--shows the descents from each of Victoria's children, listing births, marriages, deaths, annulments, divorces, honors, titles, and connections up to the present time.

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