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Colonial Families of the United States of America. Volume Five

by George Norbury MacKenzie

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More than thirteen years in preparation, Mackenzie's Colonial Families treats only those families who trace their ancestry back to the period 1607-1776. Ranging from three or four pages to ten or twenty pages or more, each family history article furnishes the British or European pedigree of the colonial ancestor, followed by a listing of his descendants--generation by generation--up to the time of writing, giving names, birth dates, dates of marriage and death, places of residence, occupation, and a variety of other matter. Also included in the articles are illustrations of coats of arms associated with the families.

The seven volumes combined cover no fewer than 850 families and name 125,000 family members! The family articles in each volume are arranged in alphabetical order, and each volume is fully indexed. Each volume is complete in itself and may be purchased individually, as well as in sets (see Items 35913592359335943596, and 3597.

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