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Genealogy As Pastime and Profession. Second Edition

by Donald Lines Jacobus

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Clearly written, this describes the principles of genealogical research, the evaluation of evidence, and the relationship of genealogy to chronology, eugenics, and the law. It covers early nomenclature, Royal ancestry, the use of source material, and the methods of compiling and publishing a family history, and it also deals with characteristic blunders and misconceptions. It is the very foundation of scientific American genealogy.



"Genealogy as Pastime and Profession remains the classic of our science. There is not a practitioner who would not benefit from reading it, nor a dilettante who will not enjoy it. It explains uses for genealogy that many have never considered, and places the science entertainingly in perspective among those better known and more highly regarded, but no less difficult or demanding."--NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, Vol. 58, No. 1 (March 1970).

"...thorough...a fresh experience...I have as great a debt to the author as every genealogist in the country...The book deserves a very wide sale and should be among the books circulated in every library."--THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST (April 1969).

"...one of the great how-to-do-it books which will be useful on any library reference shelf, or in any pertinent personal library."--LIBRARY JOURNAL (February 1969).

"...a genealogical classic...expresses the author's reasoned attitude toward a genealogical topic."--THE NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD (1969), p. 54.

"This is a valuable book, not only for amateur and professional genealogists, but for the training of historians...The style is plain and clear. Highly recommended."--CHOICE (July/August 1969).

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