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The Pension List of 1820 [U.S. War Department]

Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting a Report of the Names, Rank and File of Every Person Placed on the Pension List in Pursuance of the Act of the 18th March, 1818, Etc. Washington, 1820

by United States War Department

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The Pension List of 1820, compiled in pursuance of a Congressional Act of 1818 and containing 17,000 entries, is the most complete list of Revolutionary War pensioners compiled up to the date of its publication. Arranged according to the state or territory of residence and thereunder in rough alphabetical order, pensioners are listed in the original 1820 publication with the rank they held and their line of service. Until now, however, the twenty-five separate state and territory lists herein have always proved an obstacle to research. Thanks to a new index to the pension list prepared by Mrs. Murtie June Clark, this valuable work is both accessible and usable, taking its rightful place among the great Revolutionary War source books.

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