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New World Immigrants

A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Periodical Literature. Two Volumes

by Michael Tepper

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Ship passenger lists are the delight of the genealogist for they provide the first record of an ancestor on American soil. Numerous passenger lists have appeared in articles in a wide variety of periodicals. This work is a collection of ninety-seven articles from some fifty periodicals, mostly totally unknown to the researcher. This collection gives access to material previously difficult to locate for no library in the country can claim to have every issue of every periodical in this compilation. Periodicals drawn on range from the obscure Pennsylvania Dutchman to the scholarly American Genealogist, from bi-weeklies to annuals, and, within the general time frame 1618-1878, the articles identify upwards of 27,500 emigrants, mainly English, Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss, French, Dutch, Norwegian, and Russian-German.

The articles are arranged in approximate chronological order usually by earliest date of record, the bulk of the work taken up with passenger lists of the pre-Revolutionary period. In fact, the entire first volume is given over to the hundred-year period 1618 to 1718. While the distribution between articles on passenger lists of the 17th and 18th centuries is roughly even, the 19th century is represented by a mere 15 articles, the last being the passenger list of 1878. Yet these articles are nearly unmatched in scope, and even the relatively barren period before the advent of the official U.S. Customs Passenger Lists in 1820 is generously represented.

Note: This work does not include articles from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and BiographyThe New England Historical and Genealogical Register, or The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.

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