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Maryland Marriages, 1801-1820

by Robert W. Barnes

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This third volume of Maryland marriage records was compiled primarily from church records on deposit at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore and the Maryland State Archives (Hall of Records) in Annapolis. Also included are marriages recorded in the registers of certain individual ministers that are not housed in either repository. As in the preceding volumes of Maryland Marriages, covering 1634-1777 and 1778-1800 respectively, marriages are arranged alphabetically by the name of the groom, followed by the date of the marriage and the bride's name. In addition, information found in the records pertaining to place of origin, parentage, or previous marital status is also given. In all, approximately 12,500 marriage records are included in this volume, bringing the total number of marriages recorded in the three volumes of Maryland Marriages to 40,000! Family historians at all levels of proficiency will definitely want to start their Maryland research here.

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