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The First Parishes of the Province of Maryland

Wherein Are Given Historical Sketches of the Ten Counties and of the Thirty Parishes in the Province at the Time of the Establishment of the Church of England in Maryland in 1692

by Percy G. Skirven

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At the outset of this work the author describes the events and conditions preceding establishment and furnishes sketches of each of the Anglican parishes existing in Maryland prior to 1692. The second half of the work contains illuminating accounts of the thirty parishes that derived from the Establishment. In each case, we are given the names of the various churches in the parish, their dates of foundation, and the names of the earliest rectors, with their dates in office, and lay officials. Each of these chapters on the counties and parishes features photographs of the earliest surviving Anglican churches in the county or the former sites of the parent churches themselves. It includes a large folding map that pinpoints the locations of the parishes.

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