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German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1863-1867

With Places of Origin

by Gary J. Zimmerman

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This is the third volume of the German Immigrants series (see also Items 65806581, and 6583), this one listing passengers from Bremen to New York between 1863 and September 1867. Owing to the total destruction of the original Bremen passenger lists, this volume, like the others, is the only practical means of discovering information on thousands of individuals for whom immigrant origin data was thought to be irretrievably lost. In effect, it is a partial reconstruction of the Bremen records, based on official passenger lists and manifests in the custody of the National Archives. It is, therefore, a record of arrivals rather than departures, and it is the closest we are ever likely to come to duplicating information in the lost Bremen records.

Not all of the Bremen passengers of the 1863-1867 period are included in this work--only those for whom a specific place of origin is noted in the manifests. Similar in arrangement to the two preceding volumes in the series, this one provides place of origin information on about 35,000 immigrants, roughly 21% of the total number of German passenger arrivals during the years 1863-1867.

For convenience, the immigrants' names are arranged in alphabetical order, and family members are grouped together, usually under the head of household. Details concerning age, date of arrival, and the name of the ship are provided, as are specific citations to the original source material.

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