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The Plantagenet Ancestry

Being Tables Showing Over 7,000 of the Ancestors of Elizabeth (Daughter of Edward IV and Wife of Henry VII) the Heiress of the Plantagenets

by W. H. Turton

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A classic work on royal ancestry, this unusual book gives the lineages of all the known ancestors of Elizabeth Plantagenet (1465-1503), including both legitimate and illegitimate ancestors, numbering altogether over 7,000. The ancestral tables are divided geographically, English lines predominating, with lesser numbers of Scottish, Irish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and German lines. Among the ancestors are early rulers of almost every European country or province and several well known saints. The "Lists" referred to in the subtitle are lists of rulers among the ancestors of Elizabeth Plantagenet, including companions of William the Conqueror. As this is a book of ancestors, its focus is restricted to the direct line, but it does allow room for every ancestor within ten generations. When this is attained for a 15th-century figure there is a cause for rejoicing.

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