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Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth from 1602 to 1625

Second Edition

by Alexander Young

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This volume contains an authentic history of the Pilgrim Fathers who planted the Colony of Plymouth, from their origin in John Robinson's congregation in 1602 to his death in 1625. The document of first importance is Gov. Bradford's History of the Plymouth Colony, which contains a detailed history of their rise in the north of England, their residence in Holland, the causes which led to their emigration, and the means whereby they transported themselves to America.

The next document in importance is Bradford's and Winslow's Journal, containing a minute diary of events from the arrival of the Mayflower in 1620 to the return of the Fortune in 1621. This document links up to Bradford’s History, making a continuous narrative. Skipping to the fourth document, Winslow's Relation, entitled "Good News from New England," the narrative is taken up where it was left off by the former journal, and it is brought down to September 1623. The remaining documents are Cushman's DiscourseWinslow's Brief NarrationGov. Bradford's Dialogue, and Gov. Bradford's Memoir of Elder Brewster, which, like the other documents, constitute a very select body of primary source material.

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