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The Canary Islands Migration to Louisiana, 1778-1783

by Sidney L. Villerè

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This unique book contains the passenger lists of the eight vessels that brought Canary Islanders to Louisiana between 1778 and 1783. It gives a brief account of how the Canary Islanders came to be transported to Louisiana and of the interesting circumstances and personages connected with this migration. The islanders, or islenos, were classified upon arrival as farmers or soldiers; those who were soldiers were enrolled in various Spanish regiments for training, and those who were farmers were settled in the Parishes of St. Bernard, Iberville, Assumption, and Iberia. The 2,000 Canary Islanders, who are listed by vessel and separately indexed thereunder, are named, first by the head of the family and then by relation to the head of the family, as, for example, wife, son, daughter, etc. Further information includes the ages of the children, dates of embarkation, and names of captains of the vessels.

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