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Genealogies of Connecticut Families from "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register"

Three Volumes

by Gary Boyd Roberts

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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register is the oldest continuously published genealogical journal in the Anglo-American world. For 136 years, since January 1847, the Register has been the official organ of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the granddaddy of American genealogical institutions. From its inception the Registerhas published a succession of articles which have elevated it to the premier position among genealogical journals. Unrivaled in content, unimpeachable as an authority and as a medium of scholarly research, the Register is now the most sought after periodical in all of New England genealogy. Its scarcity, however, combined with the growing demand for it, has made the reprinting of key articles from the Register not only desirable but imperative. This present work, a collection of Register articles on Connecticut families, has been compiled to meet that demand.

Genealogies of Connecticut Families, then, is a collection of family history articles which have been compiled with the object of bringing all such material within reach of the genealogist. Its three volumes, each with its own index, and its references to some 75,000 persons in more than 400 articles, together with a scholarly introduction by Gary Boyd Roberts, the Society's Director of Research, combine to make it the most significant repository of Connecticut family histories available. With these volumes genealogists at last have the means of undertaking a systematic examination of the work of the finest scholars in Connecticut genealogy.

The following families are included: Adams, Adams-Risley, Alden, Allen, Ames, Andrews, Austin, Avery, Bailey, Bailey-Smith, Baldwin, Ball, Barnard, Barnes, Bartlett, Beach, Bellamy, Benton, Bidwell, Billings, Bingham, Blakesley, Blachley, Blatchley, Blinman, Blunt, Bracy, Bradford, Bradley/Marvin-Bradley, Brewster, Bristow/Bristol, Brooks, Brown, Browne, Bruen, Bunnill, Burbank, Bergis, Burr, Bush-French-Hale, Bushnells, Caldwell, Camfield, Campbell, Carter, Carver, Case, Cass, Chalker, Champion, Chandler, Chatfield, Chedsey/Chidsey, Chidsey, Chester, Church, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clinton, Coates, Cobb, Coley, Collins, Cooke, Copley, Copp, Cornwall, Crane, Crary, Cruttenden, Curtiss, Cushman, Cushman-Frazee, Darwin, Davenport, Delano-Hibbard, Deming, Denison, Dennison, Denslow, De Wolfe, Diggins/Dickens, Dixwell, Doolittle, Douglas, Dudley-Granger, Dunck, Dunning, Eldredge, Ellery, Ely, Evarts, Everest, Everett, Fales, Farnham, Fillmore, Fisher, Fitch, Flower, Foote, Fowler, French, Frisbie, Gaines, Gates, Geer, Gilbert, Gillet, Gillett, Goffe, Gorham, Grant, Grave/Graves, Gray, Green, Griffin, Hale, Hall, Hand, Hanford, Harrison, Haughton, Hayes, Herbert, Highland, Hiland, Hill, Hobson/Hopson, Hodgkin, Hodgkins, Hoisington, Haddam, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Hotchkiss-Johnson-Thompson, Hubbard, Hughes, Huntington, Huntley, Jackson, Jagger, Jagger-Gager, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kellogg, Kellogg-Foote, Kimberly, King, Kingsley, Kirkham, Kirtland/Kirkland, Knowlton, Lambert, Larkham-Bruen-Percival, Lay, Leavens, Leavenworth, Lee, Lellock-Kellogg, Lincoln, Lindley, Lockwood, Loomis, Lucas, Luddington, McKean, McLouds, Mallory, Maltby-Maltbie-Molby, Mansfield, Marcy, Marvin, Marvin-Bradley, Mason, Mayo, Meigs, Morley, Morris, Morse, Moseley, Mulford, Munger, Munroe, Munsell, Munson/Monson, Munson-Ferns, Murray, Needham, Newton, Northrup, Norton, Olmstead, Owen, Painter-Lamberton, Palmer-Kent-Prescott, Parish, Parmelee, Payn, Paines, Payne, Pease, Peck, Penfield, Pennington, Pennoyer, Perkins, Peter, Pierpont, Pierson, Plumbe, Pomeroy, Porter, Post, Potter, Prodden-Burr, Punchard, Quintard, Raymond, Read-Holloway, Reade, Remington, Richardson, Rising, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers, Rossiter, Russell, Sacket-Stanton, Sage, Savage, Seward, Seymour, Sheather, Sheldon, Shepard, Skinner, Slate, Smith, Spaulding, Spencer, Spinning, Spinning-Royce-Beach-Macock, Standish-Wheelock-Kirkland, Stanton, Starr, Stedman, Steevens, Stephens, Stevens, Stocking, Stokes, Street, Taintor, Taylor, Thompson, Thorpe, Todd, Townshend, Tracy, Tully, Vassall, Walstone, Ward-Hawley-Nichols-Hill, Warner, Waterbury, Waterhouse (Watrous), Waterman, Webb, Wells, Whitehead, Wilcox, Williams, Wilmot, Witter, Wolcott, Wolcott-Griswold, Woodbridge, Woodbridge-Parker, Woodward, Woodworth, Wooster, Wright, Wyatt, Wyllys, and the New England ancestry of H.R.H. The Princess of Wales.

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