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Vital Records of the Town of Plymouth

An Authorized Facsimile Reproduction of Records Published Serially 1901-1935 in"The Mayflower Descendant." With an Added Index of Persons

by Leonard H. Smith Jr.

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In 1899 the Society of Mayflower Descendants in Massachusetts inaugurated a long-running series of transcriptions of the birth, marriage and death records of the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts in its quarterly, The Mayflower Descendant. Transcribed by Quarterly editor and Mayflower scholar George Bowman from the official records of the town clerk, the series continued, irregularly, until the demise of the periodical in 1937. Overall, it spanned Plymouth vital records from 1663 to 1819 and touched on some 15,000 inhabitants of Plymouth--many but not all of them of Mayflower descent. In 1989 the esteemed genealogist Col. Leonard H. Smith Jr., with the consent of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, published a limited edition reprint of the series from The Mayflower Descendant and added a comprehensive, full-name index. Clearfield Company is delighted to make Colonel Smith's important contribution to New England ancestry widely available to the genealogical community at this time.

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