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Roll of New Hampshire Soldiers At the Battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777

Published with New Hampshire Men at Louisburg--1745

by George C. Gilmore

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These two volumes published as one preserve the identities of the New Hampshire soldiers who took part in two of the most important battles waged in North America during the 18th century--the Battle of Bennington of the American Revolution and the Battle at Louisburg on Cape Breton Island during King George's War. In the Bennington portion, the 1,467 New Hampshire soldiers are listed in alphabetical order and identified by town of residence, regiment, rank, company, and date enlisted. For the earlier conflict at Louisburg, transcriber Gilmore assembled a roster of 496 New Hampshire veterans, in most instances identifying the men according to their town of residence, date enlisted, rank, company, and regiment.

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