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Americans of Royal Descent

Genealogies Showing the Lineal Descent from Kings of Some American Families. Seventh Edition

by Charles Henry Browning
Transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley

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A standard work on royal genealogy, this collection contains nearly 200 pedigrees showing the lineal descent of hundreds of American families from the kings of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and France. The data derives from authoritative reference works, from family histories, and from manuscript pedigrees held in both public and private repositories. The indexes contain references to upwards of 3,000 surnames, many with multiple entries. One need only trace a surname through a lineage to connect with the Blood Royal. (Earlier editions of this work are not necessarily superseded by the seventh edition, but the seventh is held to be the most authoritative, and is therefore the most popular.)

"Mr. Browning has, with earnest labor and great patience, traced lines of descent from kings and queens of all nations to persons who have married Americans. One need only trace a lineage to such a marriage to connect with the royal descent."--W.S. Mills, Foundations of Genealogy

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