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Kentucky Pension Roll for 1835

Report from the Secretary of War, in Relation to the Pension Establishment of the United States


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Excerpted from the U.S. Pension Roll of 1835, this is a thoroughly comprehensive list of pensioners residing in Kentucky in that year. The book is divided into four parts, each of which is arranged by county and thereunder alphabetically according to the surname of the pensioner. The first two parts, by far the shortest of the four, list invalid pensioners and combatants who died in the service of their country and in whose names pensions were applied for. The bulk of the book provides the following information, county by county, on each Kentucky pensioner living in 1835: name, rank, pension allowance, sums received, state of service, when placed on the pension roll, date pension commenced, age, and, on occasion, remarks such as date of death, date dropped from the rolls, and so on. The concluding portion of the book consists of a county-by-county list of Kentucky residents who obtained pension benefits under the Pension Act of May 1828. In all, some 2,500 Kentucky pensioners are named in the work.

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