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Emigrants from the West-German Fuerstenberg Territories (Baden and the Palatinate) to America and Central Europe 1712, 1737, 1787

by Clifford Neal Smith

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One of author Clifford Neal Smith's primary goals has been to rescue buried data pertaining to 18th- and 19th-century German emigration and make it available to researchers. Smith's German-American Genealogical Research Monographs, from which we have reprinted this booklet, was an important instrument for achieving that objective. Smith's list of emigrants from Fuerstenberg is based on a 1937 article by Hermann Baier that compared emigration patterns from that principality over three widely scattered years. Most of the emigrants who did not go to America traveled instead to Hungary, from which their descendants might have later left for the U.S. For each individual, this work gives name, place of origin, year of emigration, destination (if known), source, and such comments as name of spouse, place or date of marriage, whether married before, name of parent(s), and so forth.

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