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List of Pensioners on the Roll, Volume II

January 1, 1883

by United States Pension Bureau

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This is the official Pension Roll of 1883, the major genealogical source for Civil War and War of 1812 pensioners. Arranged by state or territory, and thereunder by county, it contains the full names of approximately 300,000 persons who were on the Pension Rolls as of 1883, with such information as set forth in the subtitle above. Pensioners residing in the New England states, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia are listed in the first volume; those residing in New York and Pennsylvania in the second; those residing in Iowa, Ohio, and Illinois in the third; and those resident elsewhere--including foreign countries--in the fourth and fifth. This publication is a reprint of the original edition of 1883, which was published as Senate Executive Document 84, Parts 1-5.

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