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Genealogies of Amherst, New Hampshire Families

Excerpted from History of the Town of Amherst, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire . . .

by Daniel F. Secomb

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Mr. Secomb's vast History of the Town of Amherst is the starting point for all historical and genealogical research relating to that place. In order to make the genealogical core of the volume as affordable as possible, we have lifted the genealogies from the second half of the book and reprinted them under the new title Genealogies of Amherst, New Hampshire Families. In addition to the hundreds of genealogies and genealogical sketches contained herein, the reader will find yet another hundred biographical sketches of Amherst's native sons, and as many as 500 marriage records culled from town records. Although space does not permit us to list all of the principal families named in the genealogies, what follows is a representative sampling of those covered by Mr. Secomb: Aiken, Arbuckle, Atherton, Averill, Baldwin, Bacheller-Batchelder, Benden, Bills, Blanchard, Blunt, Boutell, Boylston, Bradford, Caldwell, Campbell, Clark, Coggin, Converse, Crooker, Crosby, Curtis, Dana, Danforth, David, Dike, Dodge, Duncklee, Eaton, Ellenwood, Elliott, Fiske, Fletcher, Flint, Fuller, Gibson, Goss, Gowing, Grater, Green, Hartshorn, Harvell, Haseltine, Herrick, Hildreth, Holbrook, Holt, Hopkins, Howard, Hutchinson, Jaquith, Jewett, Jones, Kendall, Kenrick, Kidder, Kittredge, Lamson, Lawrence, Leavitt, Lovejoy, Low(e), Mack, McCluer, McKean, Means, Melendy, Melzar, Moor(e), Munroe-Munroe, Mussey, Nichols, Noyes, Nutt, Odell, Parker, Parkhurst, Peabody, Philbrick, Pike, Prince, Putnam, Ray-Rea, Richardson, Riddle, Robertson, Rotch, Sargent, Seaton, Secomb-Seccomb, Shannon, Shepard, Small, Smith, Spaulding, Stearns, Stevens, Stewart-Stuart, Taylor, Towne, Truele, Twiss, Upham, Upton, Wakefield, Wallace, Washer, Weston, Wheeler, Whiting, Wilkins, Woodbury-Woodberry, Woolson, and Wyatt.

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