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Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, Volume I

by Leonard H. Smith

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Thousands of persons enumerated in the U.S. federal censuses--and New Englanders in particular--trace their ancestry through the Canadian province of Nova Scotia; however, Nova Scotia immigration records have been widely scattered--until now! Col. and Mrs. Smith labored over a decade, to construct this vast index of Nova Scotia immigrants from dozens of manuscript sources in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and from archives in Fredericton, Church Point, Ottawa, Boston, London, and Paris (Part 1); and from 450 articles in Nova Scotia periodicals (Part 2). Each entry gives all the pertinent information available in the source, usually a mix of data featuring name, occupation, place of origin, age, family members, name of ship, date of arrival, and military affiliation--all with source citations. Easily the most comprehensive sourcebook on Nova Scotia immigrants ever published, and a great tool for New England ancestral research, whether the ancestor's origins are Scottish, Irish, English, German, or Loyalist (see also Nova Scotia Immigrants Volume II).

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