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Rhode Island in the Colonial Wars

A List of Rhode Island Soldiers & Sailors in King George's War 1740-1748, and A List of Rhode Island Soldiers & Sailors in the French & Indian War 1755-1762

by Howard M. Chapin

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This present work, combining two separate publications, is an alphabetical list of Rhode Islanders who took part in King George's War, the first of the French and Indian wars (1740-48), and the Old French and Indian War of 1755-62, also known as "The Seven Years War." Each entry includes the name of the participant, date of enlistment, service record, rank and appointments, and campaigns. Compiled from manuscripts in the Rhode Island Historical Society and the State Archives, with commentary and background information by Howard Chapin, this publication is reprinted with the permission of the Rhode Island Historical Society. It is a crucial source for research into early Rhode Island ancestry.

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