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True and Authentic Register of Persons . . . Who in The Year 1709 Journeyed . . . from Germany to America

by Ulrich Simmendinger

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The Simmendinger Register, as this work is called, consists of an alphabetical list of approximately 500 Palatine families who were settled in or near the Mohawk Valley of New York in the year 1717. These families were the survivors of the great Palatine migration from the Rhineland in 1709--a migration that took them first to England and then, in 1710, under the patronage of Queen Anne, to America. The author himself participated in this migration and, upon his return to Germany in 1717, he published this little pamphlet as a kind of message from the colony overseas to friends and relatives back home in Germany. An authoritative register of pioneer Palatine families and early settlers of the Mohawk Valley.

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