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Families of Ancient New Haven, Nine Volumes in Three

With an Index Volume by Helen L. Scranton. Nine Volumes in Three

by Donald Lines Jacobus

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This work--originally published as the first eight volumes of The American Genealogist plus a ninth, cross-index volume prepared in 1939 by Helen Scranton--is the definitive statement on the ancestry and relationships of 35,000 residents of eighteenth-century New Haven, Connecticut, and it is the only publication which succeeds in treating every family of an entire New England region. Jacobus deals with the families of the ancient town of New Haven and the towns set off from it: Hamden, Bethany, Woodbridge, East Haven, North Haven, and West Haven. Lines are brought down to the heads of families cited in the 1790 census and include the generation born between 1790 and 1800, the aim being to provide every record of birth or baptism up to the year 1800, every record of marriage to 1810, and every record of death of individuals born before 1800.

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