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Soldiers and Sailors of the Plantation of Lower St. Georges, Maine Who Served in the War for American Independence

by Frank Burton Miller

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At the time of the American Revolution, the Province of Maine was still part of Massachusetts, and the future towns of Cushing and St. George were confined within the so-called Plantation of Lower St. Georges. While Maine was not yet prepared to take its place as the twenty-third state of the Union in 1776, the residents of Lower St. Georges were more than ready to fight for the cause of American independence. This fact is attested to in this diminutive volume, which is comprised of an alphabetically arranged series of essays of the roughly 100 soldiers and sailors from Cushing and St. George who fought on the Patriot side of the conflict. Compiled by Judge Miller to assist researchers hoping to qualify for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution and kindred lineage organizations, the contents range from brief sketches to extensive biographical pedigrees of the combatants. What follows is a complete list of surnames of Lower St. Georges men about whom the compiler has gathered information: Adams, Allen, Annis, Barter, Brazier, Brison, Brown, Burton, Clark, Coombs, Crocker, Davis, Dyer, Falley, Foster, Gardner, Gay, Gilchrest, Graffam, Grant, Hall, Handley, Hart, Hathorn, Hawes, Henderson, Hilt, Hinds, Howard, Hutchins, Hyler, Jameson, Johnson, Kelloch, Killeran, Lamb, Lewis, Long, Madden, Madding, Malcomb, Marshall, Martin, McCobb, McIntyre, McLellan, Norton, Nutting, Packard, Page, Payson, Rawley, Rivers, Robinson, Roundy, Seavey, Smith, Sterling, Stone, Stover, Sweetland, Thorndike, Vickery, Vose, Wall, Watts, Wells, Wiley, Willis, and Young.

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