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The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana from 1699 Through 1732

by Charles R. Maduell, Jr.

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This is a compilation of the twenty-eight earliest census records of Louisiana. Such records have proved time and again to be the foundation and touchstone of modern genealogy. These particular census records cover, at one period or another, Fort Maurepas, Biloxi, Mobile, Natchez, New Orleans, and other locations. The records are both civilian and military, mainly the former, and they extend from 1699 through 1732. Besides census records, the reader will find lists of 1,704 marriageable girls, a 1726 list of persons requesting negroes, landowner lists, and a list of persons massacred at Fort Rosalie in 1729. Other features include a synopsis of Louisiana's colonial history, tips on French colonial naming practices, and a comprehensive index of 5,000 names.

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