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Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Vol. II: (New Jersey and Pennsylvania Monthly Meetings)

by William Wade Hinshaw

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The second volume of the great Encyclopedia is complete in itself for the New Jersey and Pennsylvania monthly meetings which were part of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. It includes all records of genealogical value, both Orthodox and Hicksite, known to be in existence for the meetings from the last quarter of the seventeenth century down to the time the work was originally published in 1938. The records are of two principal classes: (1) births and deaths and (2) minutes and marriages, and they are arranged in alphabetical order, by family name, under their corresponding monthly meeting. The marriages are arranged by the names of both brides and grooms. Also provided are abstracts of Quaker certificates of removal, which enable genealogists to trace Quaker ancestors from one monthly meeting to another.


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